Anyone can become a member of the Legion. All you need is to contact the Club and ask for a membership form, then get two members to propose and second you. Your request to become a member will be published to other club members for a period of three weeks and then once accepted, pay your subscription and use the club facilities.

With your membership you will get a key fob – don’t lose it as this will get you access into the club through the security door.

Memberships are available and application forms can be either collected at the club bar, by contacting us via the contact form, or download from the link on this page. They are renewed annually from 1st November and costs are as follows:

Membership Cost
Member £26 per year (+£1 for new member)
Member over 65 £20 per year (+£1 for new member)


There is only one membership form as there is only one membership category. It makes no difference whether you have served in the Armed Forces or not. Discount is available for over 65s.