Support Services

The Thurso Branch has a Wellbeing Officer who can help you with all the following information. Please contact our office to be put in touch.

Referral Options

There are a large number of organisations Legion Scotland work with who provide specialist support to members of the Armed Forces Community and other groups. These websites may be a good starting point for accessing this support or to find other useful services. Click here for more information.

Are you getting the right pensions?

Are you entitled to an award for your injuries. Legion Scotland offers a free service to veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces. Click here for more information.

Support Visits

Visits offer supportive, reliable relationships through our Veterans Community Support Volunteers to veterans who would otherwise be socially isolated. Our Veterans Community Support Service stands on three main pillars of Befriending, Comradeship and Sourcing Practical Help. Click here for more information.

Veterans Gateway

We’re proud to be part of the Veterans’ Gateway service which promises to be the first point of contact for veterans and their families seeking support. Click here for more information.


Legion Scotland members and supporters raise thousands of pounds every year.  These funds are used to provide support to veterans and their families in need. Click here for more information.