Royal British Legion Scotland have embarked on a consultation with all Branches on changes that are necessary to combat the continuing decline in members and pressure on the finances. The organisation is experiencing an annual 6 figure deficit. If this is not arrested, the RBLS will be out of business in 5 to 6 years time and therefore it cannot be allowed to continue.

A Strategic Transformation Committee was  formed by the National Board of Trustees and they have put forward a detailed Options paper that looks at the status quo, raising funds including membership, a merger, changes to the Areas and changes to Head Office. The solutions to the problems will unsurprisingly be a mixture of options and therefore 4 Solutions are proposed for members to decide upon, which hopefully made this an easier task. These Solutions are not tinkering around the edges, there are some major changes included.


  1. The covering letter sent out by Head Office (click here.), the Options Study paper  (click here) and its associated comparisons table (click here) were published on this web page, sent to all members where we have your e mail address and published in the Club Foyer. Simon Middlemas conducted two presentations in the Club Lounge, where a total of 25 members attended.
  2. Simon and Ron Galloway collated all your direct verbal comments all the handful of written submissions we received.
  3. The Feedback form was produced summarising all comments and has been forwarded to Head Office in Edinburgh. You can see our response by clicking here.
  4. The consultation is now closed.


The Strategic Transformation Committee will now collate all Branches responses and propose a way forward to an Extraordinary General Meeting on 28 September. Two solutions will be taken forward to the May 2025 AGM for a decision on what the RBLS should do.


Once again, you will have the opportunity to vote on the way forward prior to the EGM and AGM next year. We will keep you informed.